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♥ Wedding Planning Bridal Box-Deluxe 


♥ Engagement Bridal Box - Basic 

Order Deadline: June 5, 2019

Ships Out: June 10-13, 2019

Flat Fee Shipping Starts At: US/$6 - Canada/$19


What's The Difference Between Bridal Box Deluxe & Basic?

♥ Our monthly "Wedding Planning Bridal Box Deluxe" is more like a carefully curated system to help guide you through your wedding planning journey. Think of it as access to your very own wedding planner & a monthly box of items to assist with each planning phase you're going through in the course.

♥ Our monthly "Engagement Bridal Box Basic" is a unique theme of products to treat/pamper yourself & celebrate your upcoming nuptials. No planning guidance included.

Tell Me More About Help With Planning My Wedding

Included with each monthly "Wedding Planning Bridal Box Deluxe", is an online course that is designed with just the right timing sequence, so you're not overwhelmed! 

The course is specifically focused on the major to-do's in planning your wedding.

Each month is uniquely themed and coordinated (course & box items) in phases to escort you down the aisle:

♥ Phase 1: Vendors

♥ Phase 2: Organizing Details

♥ Phase 3: Planning

♥ Phase 4: Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Party

♥ Phase 5: Honeymoon

What's Inside The Box? 

Well, it's a surprise! But, I can say the items included each month are not only exciting, fun & wedding themed, but items to help you plan your entire wedding!

And... you'll always get a yummy treat to enjoy right away!

What Can I Expect:

We all know that planning a wedding can be exciting, stressful and overwhelming, all at the same time... so when you subscribe to the I Said Yes Wedding Planning Bridal Box:

♥ You will not only receive a uniquely themed box each month with incredible items to enjoy & help you plan 

♥ But also a comprehensive online course to guide you through each part of your wedding planning journey 

Don't You Want To Reduce Your Wedding Stress & Planning Overwhelm?

I Do


Two Different Monthly Subscriptions: 

1. Wedding Planning Bridal Box 'DELUXE' (Monthly Planning Box & Online Course) $69.99/mo + Flat Fee Shipping

2. Engagement Bridal Box 'BASIC' (Monthly Themed Box Only, No Course) $34.99/mo + Flat Fee Shipping

Together Let's Make a Difference

With your purchases of I Said Yes Bridal Boxes, we will donate a % to Wish Upon A Wedding.  

A 501(c)(3) non-profit, that was created to celebrate the love between couples who are engaged or want to celebrate their marriage in an intimate setting with their closest family and friends. Wish Upon a Wedding grants wedding "wishes" to couples facing serious illnesses or a life altering circumstance.